New Age Kurling Indoor Kurling Gold Bundle

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New Age Kurling Indoor Kurling Gold Bundle

The New Age Kurling Indoor Kurling Gold Bundle consists of the Indoor Kurling Set, the Kurling Pushers, the Kurling/Bowls House Target and the Kurling Ramp, so you won't have to purchase the components separately. 

If you require additional parts for use with more players then check out the other bundles!

Components of the New Age Kurling Gold Bundle

The Gold Bundle consists of the following:

1 x New Age Kurling Indoor Set
1 x pair of New Age Kurling Pushers
1 x New Age Kurling/Bowls House Target
1 x New Age Kurling Ramp

Features of the New Age Kurling Gold Bundle

Kurling Indoor Set:

Consists of 4 x red and 4 x blue Kurling stones
Carry case included - for easy portability
Stones made from plastic compound
3 steel bearings in housings underneath - enables Kurling stones to run over smooth flooring
Players can use 4 stones each when playing singles, or 2 stones each if playing doubles

Kurling Pushers:

Pushers specially designed to push the Kurling stones to the target - suitable for use by people of all abilities
Pushers are made from plastic and aluminium, making them lightweight enough for all users
Feature a telescopic handle that can be adjusted to individual playing styles   
Suitable for wheelchair players or if you find it hard to bend down

Kurling/Bowls House Target:

Allows players to record scoring - players score points depending on the proximity of Kurling stones to the centre of the target
Red, white and blue concentric circles - clear, easy scoring
As well as Kurling, the target can be used in other games such as bowls
Made from vinyl sheet; easy to wipe clean

Kurling Ramp:

Used as a slide for Kurling stones
Allows players to shoot from a sitting position - ideal for use by disabled people and wheelchair users
Can rest on the players knees
Hand made fibreglass construction - durable

Good to know

  • Gold Bundle includes New Age Kurling Indoor Set, a pair of Pushers, House Target, Kurling Stones and Kurling Ramp
  • Each player can use 4 stones each playing singles or if playing doubles, two Stones each.
  • This game is suitable for able bodied and disabled people and all of our championships are played with every ability playing together.