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Street Bowls Platinum Bundle

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To order from outside of the UK call us on +44 1303 873 270

Street Bowls Platinum Bundle

1 x Street Bowls in Carry Sack with Footmat

1 x High Score Wedge

1 x Bowls Ramp

1 x Horseshoe Wedge

New Age Street Bowls comes with a set of eight bowls in two colours, a foot mat and a jack ball and they come in a handy draw string bag. 

The bowls are made with an innovative rubber compound and can be played on grass, tarmac, driveways, even tennis courts. 

It's fun for the whole family. Shaped exactly like traditional bowls, but much lighter, the game encourages skill and technique to beat your opponent.


Plastic foam covered in vinyl sheet cut into a wedge shape with random scoring holes.

Play is by delivering 4 red and 4 blue bowls or balls to the high score wedge when this is completed count the score of both players who’s bowls/balls are in the scoring holes, the player with the highest score wins a point for that end.

Great fun for all abilities and can be used for and ball game where the balls fit into the scoring holes, these holes will also take Lawn Bowls.


Specially designed for indoor New Age Bowls as a unique scoring target

Points are awarded for successfully placing the bowl into the horseshoe


Allow players to shoot from a sitting position.
(Thanks to Cedars School for design)

Good to know

  • Set of 8 bowls in two colours, 1 foot mat and 1 jack ball
  • All in a handy draw string bag
  • Ideal for any ability
  • Can be played on grass, tarmac, driveways and tennis courts
  • HIGH SCORE WEDGE: 88cm x 75cm. Weight 2 kilos.
  • HIGH SCORE WEDGE: Store standing on the wide edge in a dry place.
  • HORSESHOE: Colour: yellow
  • HORSESHOE: Raised Target
  • BOWLS RAMP: This item is covered by a one year warranty.
  • BOWLS RAMP: Optimized for use with the bowls and new age street bowls games and Boccia.