Kurling Ramp
Kurling Ramp

Kurling Ramp

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The New Age Kurling Ramp is specifically designed to make the game accessible to wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. It allows players to shoot from a sitting position, eliminating the need for standing or moving around the playing area.


The ramp is handmade from fiberglass, which makes it lightweight and durable. It weighs 3kg, making it easy to transport and set up. The dimensions of the ramp are 177 x 26cm, providing ample space for players to aim and shoot.


The ramp is available in solid colours, This allows players to personalize their ramp or differentiate between teams during game play.


One of the most significant aspects of New Age Kurling is its inclusivity. The game can be played by both able-bodied and disabled individuals of all ages. It is recognized by most disabled unions in the UK and has become a mainstream sport in schools and after-school clubs.


Overall, the New Age Kurling Ramp provides an accessible and enjoyable way for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility to participate in the game of kurling.