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House Target

House Target

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 Our House Target is a versatile product that can be utilized in various sports such as Kurling, Bowls, and Boccia. It is designed with red, white, and blue concentric circles, serving as a scoring system for the game.


The scoring is determined by the stones, bowls, or balls that remain on the target after each round. The one that is closest to the centre of the target receives the highest score.


The Our House Target is made from a 120cm x 120cm vinyl sheet, specially crafted to be durable and long-lasting. It has a thickness of 600g, ensuring that it can withstand the impact of the stones, bowls, or balls during play.


Overall, the Our House Target provides a reliable and convenient scoring option for Kurling, Bowls, and Boccia, enhancing the competition and enjoyment of these sports.


    • This product comes in a cardboard tube, please read the instructions printed on the playing surface of the target.

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