Bowls & Boccia Ramp
Bowls & Boccia Ramp
Bowls & Boccia Ramp

Bowls & Boccia Ramp

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The New Age Boccia/Bowls ramp is a game-changing tool that makes Boccia more accessible and enjoyable for wheelchair users. Designed specifically for players in a sitting position, the ramp allows individuals to shoot the balls with ease and precision.


The ramp features a specially designed holding bar that securely holds the ball in place while aiming takes place. This bar ensures that the ball doesn't move or roll off prematurely, giving players better control over their shots.


Not only does the ramp provide players with increased stability and accuracy, but it also promotes inclusivity by allowing individuals of all abilities to participate in the game. Wheelchair users can now fully engage in the sport, levelling the playing field and making Boccia a more inclusive and competitive experience for everyone involved.


The New Age Boccia/Bowls ramp is lightweight, making it easy to transport to different locations. Its portability allows players to enjoy the game both indoors and outdoors, at home or at social events.


So, whether you are a wheelchair user, an avid Boccia player, or simply looking for a unique and exciting game to play, the New Age Boccia/Bowls ramp is an excellent addition to your equipment collection. It opens up new possibilities for players, breaking barriers and ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the game to the fullest.


(Thanks to Cedars School for design)

  • Fibreglass.


  • Dimensions: L120 x W17 x H6cm.


  • This item is covered by a one-year warranty.


  • For use with New Age Bowls, and New Age Boccia.