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Kounters Target

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The New Age Kurling Kounters Target is designed to be used with Kurling, Bowls, and Boccia. It allows players to play their stones or bowls and count the points at the end of the game. If a stone is across 2 counters, the higher score is taken.

Not only is this target great for playing the mentioned sports, but it is also versatile as you can create your own games using it.

Made from vinyl, this target is lightweight, weighing 600g. It has dimensions of 120 x 120cm, providing ample space for playing.

The target features red, blue, and green colored circles, each with different score values. This adds an element of strategy and decision-making to the game.

Overall, the New Age Kurling Kounters Target is a fun and versatile accessory that enhances gameplay and allows players to enjoy a variety of sports.

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