Minni Boccia Set
Mini Boccia
Mini Boccia Set

Mini Boccia

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Mini Boccia is a tabletop version of the action-packed game of Boccia. Played in the same way as regular Boccia,


The Boccia balls used in Mini Boccia are hand stitched and made from synthetic leather, filled with plastic pellets. They comply with competition standards and have a medium firmness. The set includes 6 red balls, 6 blue balls, and a white jack, all conveniently stored in a carrying case.


Each ball in the Mini Boccia set has a diameter of 50mm and weighs 0.06kg. This portable and compact game is perfect for playing on any tabletop surface.


Please note that Mini Boccia is not suitable for children under 3 years old.


Whether you are playing for fun or in a competitive setting, Mini Boccia is a wonderful game that promotes inclusivity, sociability, and strategic thinking. It is also recognized as a Paralympic event, showcasing its accessibility and popularity among players of all abilities.