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New Age Disc Gold Target Basket

New Age Disc Golf PRO 12 Chain Basket Target

Regular price £120.00 (EXCLUDES VAT)
This Disco Golf Basket Target can be set up in Woodland or Open fields, beaches or playgrounds. These Pro Basket Targets are easy to transport or can be permanently fitted, by concreting the base in the desired position. 
  • 12 CHAINS - Professional quality design. Stable & Robust: This solid basket contains 12 strands of heavy-duty chain for better catching; welded joints and big base frame strengthens the stability of this basket;
  • QUICK ASSEMBLY - Assembles or disassembles in under a minute.
  • STURDY - All-Metal construction with a unique threaded tension connection design.
  • Weighing in at just 26 lbs 
  • Built to standard PDGA height and size regulation.