Wipeout Snooker Table

Wipeout Snooker Table

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New Age Whipeout Snooker is a scaled down snooker game, the board is purpose made for this game.

Handmade in wood to a very high standard 82cm x 82cm with 4 pockets and 4 levelling knobs the board is covered in green baize.


7 blue coloured balls and 7 yellow coloured balls, 1 black ball used to play the game. 

This is a game for 2 to 4 players

Place the blue and yellow balls (mixed up) in the middle of the table and group them into a rough circle. Leave the black cue ball away from the circle.

The players toss a coin. The winner of the coin toss chooses which colour they wish to be (blue ball or yellow ball).

This player goes first. They take the black cue ball and place it anywhere where there is free space on the green baize table.

The player ‘breaks’. This means they strike the black cue ball with the cue and into the ‘circle’ (or pack) of yellow and blue balls.

The black cue ball is then removed from the table and plays no further part in this game.

The player who started, continues playing with their next shot.

They can play any ball of their chosen colour against another ball of their colour (eg yellow against yellow), with the aim of potting it into one of the four corner pockets.

If they make a successful pot, they carry on with their go. (Before they take their next shot they should remove the potted ball from the pocket and place that to one side or back in the ball bag).

If they miss, the next player takes a turn and tries to pot their coloured balls.

A foul shot is committed when a player:

• Fails to hit one of their colour balls with the ball they strike with the cue

• Plays the wrong colour ball (opponent’s colour) with their cue

A foul shot gives away a FREE shot to the other player. This means the opponent has ONE extra shot, whether they pot their next ball or not.

The winner is the first player to pot all 7 of his or her own colour balls first.

This can be played on a flat table top, QUES AND BALLS NOT INCLUDED.