Boccia Set
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Boccia Set

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The Boccia Set is not limited to just competitive play. It is also a great game for recreational purposes and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. The set is versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, such as at home, in parks, or even at parties.


Boccia is a ball sport that tests both physical and strategic skills. It involves throwing or rolling the boccia balls towards the jack, aiming to get them as close as possible.


Although Boccia is recognized as a Paralympic event, it is not exclusive to individuals with disabilities. The game promotes inclusivity and allows people from different backgrounds and abilities to come together and enjoy a fun and challenging activity.


Whether you want to play for leisure or engage in a more competitive setting, the New Age Boccia Set provides all the necessary equipment. Its hand-stitched synthetic leather boccia balls and plastic pellet filling ensure durability and accuracy in each throw. The set comes with the standard number of balls for competitive play: 6 red, 6 blue, and a white jack.


With its carrying case, the Boccia Set is easy to transport and can be taken to various locations for your convenience. It enables you to enjoy the game wherever and whenever you want.


So, whether you're looking to try out a new sport, engage in Paralympic-style competition, or simply have some fun, the New Age Boccia Set is a great investment that provides everything you need to enjoy this exciting and inclusive game.

  • Each ball has a circumference of 270mm.
  • They weigh 275 grams each.
  • Not suitable for Children under 3.