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Kurling Stones Starter Set
Kirling Stones

Kurling Starter Set

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The Kurling Starter Bundle is the perfect set for anyone looking to get started with the New Age Kurling game. It includes everything you need to start playing right away.


The Kurling stones in this bundle are made from robust, weighted rubber, making them durable and long-lasting. They are designed to bounce off one another without causing any damage. The stones also feature three sets of stainless-steel bearings, ensuring smooth and accurate movement on flat surfaces.


The kit includes 8 Kurling stones, with 4 red stones and 4 blue stones. These stones come in a convenient carry case, making it easy to transport and store them.


The Kurling Starter Bundle is an excellent choice for beginners, as it provides all the necessary equipment for the game. The game itself is a form of Curling, but without the need for ice. The stones running on bearings make it suitable for wheelchair users as well.


The bag included in the bundle has a size of 42cm x 37cm, providing plenty of space for all the stones. Each stone weighs 1.30kg and has dimensions of 18cm wide and 8cm high, including the handle.


When playing singles, each player can use 4 stones. In doubles, each player uses 2 stones. This allows for a fun and competitive gameplay experience.


One of the great aspects of the Kurling game is that it is suitable for both able-bodied and disabled individuals. All of the championships are played with players of every ability participating together.


The total weight of the Kurling Starter Bundle is 10.5 Kilos, making it easy to carry and transport. Whether you are just starting out with the game or looking to upgrade your equipment, this bundle is an excellent choice.

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