New Age Kurling Gold Bundle

New Age Kurling Gold Bundle

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Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, the New Age Kurling Gold Bundle is the ultimate kit to start or enhance your Kurling experience. Get ready to enjoy the excitement and competitiveness of this popular sport with this fantastic bundle.

The New Age Kurling Gold Bundle includes the following items:


1) New Age Kurling Stones Set: This set includes 8 stones that are used for playing kurling.

2) Stones carry bag: This bag is used for storing and transporting the kurling stones.

3) New Age Kurling House Target: This target measures 120cm x 120cm and is used as the aim for the kurling stones.

4) New Age Kurling Telescopic Pusher Pair: This pair includes one blue and one red pusher that are used to propel the kurling stones.

5) New Age Kurling Ramp: This ramp measures 1770cm x 26cm and is made of handcrafted fiberglass. It is used to assist in launching the kurling stones.


By purchasing the New Age Kurling Gold Bundle, you will save over £30.00 compared to buying each item individually.